Relocation Dreams

Relocation Dreams is a leading provider of immigration and relocation services for businessmen, private individuals and businesses. What makes us a leader is the combination of our experience and expertise, uncompromising professionalism, outstanding customer service and our commitment and devotion to our clients and their success.
For many people and firms in the business, a rejected application or failure is just another day at the office. For us, it is personal. We realize that behind each case and application there are real people, in dire need of assistance. Whether it is for safety or security reasons, professional or personal reasons, relocation and immigration have tremendous impact on the lives of our clients. We therefore do everything in our power and beyond to maintain our impeccable success rate, not as a statistic that is nice to tell others about, but because it means that every case we’ve handled and the stories of the people behind these cases have a happy ending.
The main pillars of our work are:

Quality & Excellence

With a combined experience if several decades, our professionals are among the very best in the field in the markets they serve. We handle each case with relentless commitment to success and the highest quality of work possible, as if it were our only case.
Our team of handpicked lawyers include some of the most experienced people in their respective fields and across different visa categories, who have a proven track record of helping thousands of people obtain their immigration goals, even in the face of very tough cases. One of our key advantages is working with such a network of experience professionals – often several different lawyers in the same country. This enables us to use our combined experience and match the most suitable lawyer to each and every case – ensuring the best chances of success.

Cost Effective and Affordable

Top quality services doesn’t always have to come with a high price. Our mission is to assist our clients meet their personal and business goals by providing them with the very best and most cost-effective immigration and relocation solutions available. Our fees are highly competitive and affordable with no hidden fees or small print, so that you can be sure you realize your relocation dream without turning it into a financial nightmare.

Experience and Creativity

Where there is as way, you can rest assured we’ll find it. Using our experience gained through the thousands of various clients and cases we’ve handled, we often apply solutions that other services providers aren’t even aware of. We’re experts in applying creative solutions that obtain “impossible” visas and immigration packages. We solve the most complex immigration problems for business and investors but also bring families together. Our focus is truly on making the personal and business goals of our clients a reality and true to our name – to help them realize their relocation dreams.

Global Experience, Local Knowledge

In order for relocation and immigration cases to succeed, there is a need for in depth knowledge of consular practices and local in-country customs and laws. Our professionals have significant experience across multiple international jurisdictions and we complement our skills and services through the use of business partners, whom we personally screen and qualify and who share the same beliefs and values that we do.

Exceptional Customer Service

Relocation Dreams is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients in a courteous and professional manner. Our customer service is renowned throughout the industry and has received many praises, not to mention many success stories of clients who used Relocation Dreams to realize their own relocation dream.