Our Services

We are a full service immigration and relocation firm specializing in all aspects of relocation and the necessary complementary services. We assist clients worldwide with their immigration needs to the US, Canada and other major markets. We are primarily known for our exceptional results and our industry leading client service.
We offer the following Services

  1. Visas
  2. Assistance in Relocating and Establishing a Business
  3. Business Development and Expansion
  4. Opening a Bank Account
  5. Property and Real Estate


Visa Solutions for Investors, Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

  • Permanent Residence (Green Cards) (EB-5)
  • Treaty Traders Visas (E-1)
  • Entrepreneur / Business Visas (E-2)
  • L-1 Visas for small and mid-size business expanding in the US
  • L-1 visas for small or mid-sized business starting a new office in the US

Visa Solutions & Information for Businesses

  • Immigration Solutions for Businesses
  • Immigration Solutions for Human Resource Professionals
  • Immigration Solutions for Work Visa Applicants

Visa Solutions & Information for Families

  • Immigration Solutions for Families
  • Immigration Solutions for individuals

Assistance in Relocating and Establishing a Business

Obtaining a visa or permit to immigrate to another country has a much higher chance of success when you have a plan and when you can become a productive member of the society you are relocating to. In order to maximize chances of success and ensure a better future, establishing a business is one of the best possible course of action. We can assist in all phases of the process:

  • Business registration
  • Support in obtaining Federal Tax ID
  • Detailed advice and assistance with opening a bank account
  • Support in property issues (renting, buying, selling)
  • Obtaining business licenses and permits
  • Articles of Association, Regulations of the Board of Directors and other legal documents
  • Staff searching and recruiting

Business Development and Expansion

  • Preparation and maintenance of accounts
  • Finding partners and negotiating agreements
  • Logistic solutions
  • Company promotion

Opening a Bank Account:

  • Assistance in opening an account in leading, reputable banks
  • Obtaining credit, credit cards and other services from the bank.

Property and Real Estate

  • Analyzing your real estate goals and needs and helping you define them.
  • Identifying the right property in the right location to maximize your goals and ensure you make the best possible transactions.
  • Negotiating contracts and finalizing the deal.